Renault Scenic key card replacement

Renault Scenic key card replacement

If you require a Renault Scenic key card replacement because you have lost or broken your Renault Scenic key card or just require a spare! then you are in the right place, we can supply and programme a genuine Renault key card within 15 to 45 minutes via our 24/7 roadside assistance service, we can also beat any like for like quote, we are the fastest and cheapest in the business.   Renault Scenic card not detected message displayed ! if so we can repair this issue with a simple Renault Scenic key card replacement or Renault Scenic key card repair. Symptoms of Renault Scenic key card faults can be the Renault Scenic key card not opening doors this fault can be caused simply by a discharged or faulty battery or contact problem  inside the Renault Scenic key card or a fault with the radio frequency transmitter.

More common symptoms are Renault Scenic key card not detected message displayed when the key card is inserted into the Renault card reader, this can be caused by one or more of the solder joints failing on the transmitter antenna inside the Renault key card in which case we would recommend a replacement Renault key card programming procedure should be carried out.

We have found the best way of rectifying Renault Scenic key card not recognised and Renault Scenic key card not working issues is to replace the Renault key card with a brand new genuine Renault scenic key card exactly the same as what the Renault main dealers would supply, and we would advise not to use copies or after market versions of these keys as from our experience they are not very reliable, hence why we only supply and programme genuine Renault keys.

We can resolve any of these issues usually within 15 to 45 minutes of request with our super fast 24/7 road side assistance service, we have a large stock of new genuine Renault keys and key cards to suit almost every model including proximity hands free key cards, we can also beat any like for like quote and all our work is carried out only by Renault trained qualified RTE’s (Renault Technical Experts).

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